SundayEveryone was very tired from the day before, so the bus ride was surprisingly quiet! We stopped to explore the Aqueduct in Segovia on our way to San Sebastian, which students found rather interesting given that no mortar was used in its construction.

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MondayEveryone took a placement test to determine their class level, and after classes we enjoyed a tour of the city (primarily in el centro and Parte Vieja). The weather was overcast, which made for nice walking and the hot chocolate at the end seemed much more appetizing than it otherwise would have been!
Tuesday: Students had a choice of activities — hiking the Camino de Santiago entre Pasajes y Donosti, exploring Museo San Telmo, or enjoying a Pintxo Tour in Parte Vieja. It was overcast but did not rain — perfect hiking weather! We loved the beautiful views. The San Telmo group enjoyed “Tratadoz de paz”, an exhibit featuring several prominent Spanish and European painters. During the Pintxo Tour, everyone seemed open-minded and liked trying the mejillones and beef cheeks the most.
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Wednesday: We went up Monte Igueldo and spent an hour at the amusement park, stopping to take plenty of photos of the unparalleled view of San Sebastian.
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ThursdayWe had ten students sign up for the traditional Basquecooking course. We prepared a variety of fish and meat dishes and an apple pastry for dessert. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the class!