Monday: Students enjoyed spending the afternoon at the thermal baths of Le Terme. They thoroughly welcomed the opportunity to swim and escape the heat a bit!

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Wednesday: The group visited Siena’s main Duomo. Inside, they walked around the various knaves and took many pictures. Afterwards, all headed down beneath the Duomo to the crypt, which houses recently discovered affreschi from the mid 1200’s. The tour ended with a scenic walk through one of the oldest streets of Siena and taking pictures with each other…and introducing Enzo to the world of SnapChat!
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Friday: Last day in Siena! Enzo and students had a mini-farewell party towards the end of the morning lessons. The group was happy to have learned so much from him, and all were sad to say goodbye! In the early evening, the group participated in a cooking lesson — we made homemade pizza and focaccia from scratch, and also learned how to make the popular dessert, tiramisu. Alex was deemed the zucchini grill master while Sarah became an expert in grilling eggplants. At the end of the lesson, the group savored every bite of the meal they had just made. Everyone was sad to leave Siena, but we were all grateful for the time spent together and for the opportunity to study in Italia!
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