Saturday, July 16th

Today was a fun-filled day in nearby Francia! We loaded up on our bus (appropriately named Alegría) and headed first to Saint Jean de Luz. There, we walked around the city center to get our bearings and determine our meeting point, Eglisa Saint Jean-Baptiste. Students had free time to explore, shop, and of course enjoy tasty French treats! Next, we loaded the bus again and continued to Biarritz. Our first stop in Biarritz was the faro (lighthouse), which provides spectacular views of the beach and town center of Biarritz. We were then driven and dropped off near the city center to walk around, get our bearings, and determine another meeting point! We then had several hours of free time to explore, shop, enjoy the beautiful beach and refreshing water, and spoil ourselves with delicious French chocolates as well as both traditional and Basque macarons. We returned to San Sebastian with plenty of daylight left to enjoy a relaxing Saturday evening and watch a beautiful puesta de sol (sunset)!


Sunday, July 17th

Dia libre today, which meant students were free to relax with their homestay families and rest up for a busy week ahead! Several students enjoyed time at the beach either with each other or with some of their Spanish family members.

Monday, July 18th

Time has flown by so far. Hard to believe we are already into week 3! Today after classes at Lacunza, we walked to catch a public bus to go to Zumaia. The bus ride was about 45 minutes and beautiful, as we drove along the coast until reaching our destination. Zumaia is a small town on the northern coast of Spain that is situated in the middle of the longest set of continuous rock strata in the world known as “flysch.” They are believed to be over 100 million years old and are absolutely incredible. After soaking up some sun and spending time at the beach, we eventually caught a public bus back to San Sebastian in time for dinner with homestays.