Week 2 has been chock full of fun! We have settled into our new home and are fully engaging the culture, activities and all things Spanish!
Here is a recap of the last week and the adventures we enjoyed:
After classes, students took a short train ride through the beautiful Basque countryside to Zumaia, a nearby coastal pueblo. Zumaia has garnered some fame in recent years for being a shooting location for the massive hit Spanish film Ocho Apellidos Vascos as well as a shooting location for the mega-popular HBO series Game of Thrones. It is also home to a unique geological formation, known as the flysch, which are layers of exposed sedimentary rock, creating a breathtaking rugged coastline. Students enjoyed a short hike along the coastline as well as some free time to explore the beach, complete with mini sea-caves and centuries-old stone fortifications.
Tuesday was a free day with the optional activity of dance lessons, specifically rumba flamenca, which is a traditional Spanish dance style with its origins in Andalucía (southern Spain), but with a Cuban flair (rumba). Many students opted to participate and had a great time learning a new way to dance!
Students spent the afternoon in the nearby medieval pueblo of Hondarribia, known for being one of the few towns with its city walls still intact. A medieval castle pockmarked with cannonball holes from the battles of yesteryear stands in its center, surrounded by colorful houses of white, red, blue, green, pink, and yellow, all in the traditional Basque style. After a tour of the town, students were free to explore and shop in the old fishermen’s village, which is now a neighborhood of Hondarribia filled with shops, restaurants, and ice-cream parlors. A stroll along the river offers a view of France, which is visible just on the other side!
Surfing at Playa Zurriola!
On our last day, all of the students and directors ame together one last time for their farewell party/dinner where they were treated to a theatrical performance in Spanish. Emotional goodbyes were shared by all and t-shirts were signed.
Saturday, June 30
Adios San Sebastián! The 2-week students make their way to the airport before heading their separate ways!