Biarritz — Last week at a glance

By |Thursday, Jul 27, 17|

Another week has come and gone and we cannot believe that there is only one week of French bliss left in our futures. This last week, we welcomed our Summer 3 group who inevitably [...]

Biarritz – La vie française

By |Wednesday, Jul 12, 17|

Biarritz has been so good to us this week! Better weather for sure, but we also met new friends from Summer 2 and our Month 1 students are comfortable and continuing to soak up [...]

Biarritz – Week 2

By |Thursday, Jul 6, 17|

Week 2 has thrown us for a few loops but the group has pulled out stronger than ever. We have battled the storm (literally) and finished out a great week. Students are using their [...]

Biarritz – Week 1

By |Tuesday, Jun 27, 17|

First and foremost, we have an amazing group of students this session! Every student is eager to learn about culture and to improve their French speaking skills.

We have been making the most of the [...]

Aventures à Paris

By |Friday, Jun 16, 17|

We have had a great first few days!

Our Paris Experience 1 group has proven to truly appreciate the French culture and history.

We have  enjoyed the sights of the Pantheon and the Palace of Versailles, [...]