Guilin Summer 2 — 1st Week At A Glance

By |Monday, Jul 9, 18|

Week 1 is a wrap but we have had so many incredible adventures! See below to follow along with our journey

Day 1:
Flights had scattered arrival times into the host city of Guilin but [...]

Welcome to 2018 Programs!

By |Sunday, Jun 17, 18|

Hello from the SPI Study Abroad Team! Summer 2018 has officially begun — we hope you’re getting excited for the unforgettable adventures, new friendships,  and priceless memories that a summer immersion brings! This is [...]

Our First Few Days in China!

By |Wednesday, Jul 5, 17|

We’re finally here!

After long, long journies to the gateway city of Guangzhou, the 2017 SPI China students were met by Program Directors Aubrey Groves and Susan Pan. Everyone did their best to adjust to the [...]

Welcome to Summer 2017!

By |Tuesday, May 9, 17|

Hello from all of us at SPI Study Abroad! We’re less than a month away from the start of summer 2017! We hope you’re getting excited for the unforgettable adventures, priceless memories and countless new friendships that [...]

Goodbye, 再见, Guilin!

By |Monday, Jul 18, 16|

Today, we left Guilin. Even though we had only been there for two weeks, we felt as though we had been a part of the community for so much longer. The bullet train took [...]