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Enrolled-Submit Documents

Please upload your face photo & flight itinerary below using this secure submission form. You may submit documents all at one time, or submit them as they become available. Please make sure that documents are legible and clear. Thank you!

  • E-Sign Contract & Standards of Conduct

    Most parents e-sign this document during the online enrollment process. All parents must e-sign the SPI Contract & Standards of Conduct.
  • Sign SPI Contract
  • OPTIONAL - Immersion Extension Contract

    Only complete the Immersion Extension Contract if you are enrolled in an Extension Program (Siena or Guilin only.)
  • Sign Immersion Ext Contract
  • OPTIONAL - Program Release & Deviation Form

    Please complete the following form if you are planning to deviate from the regular program itinerary at any time before, during, or after the program.
  • Sign Deviation & Release Form

  • Face Photo - Student ID

  • Ensure your face is clear and visible without sunglasses.
  • Flight Itinerary

  • Please include your entire reservation and confirmation locator number.