Saturday, June 28th we had some tearful goodbyes to and from our Summer 1 students who departed for home. It was truly an exceptional group.

On the other hand, our Summer 2 and Month students arrived safely and were ready to begin what will inevitably be an incredible 2/4 week program! Many were tired, but still cheerful and happy to finally make it to this beautiful place! For those that were able to arrive by 4 pm on Saturday, we took a very small tour down to see La Grande Plage and have an ice cream. On Sunday, we walked along the shoreline to the old city port to take in some breathtaking views and get orientated with our new home.

Monday morning was the first day of classes! Students began by taking their placement exams and then started classes right away. After lunch and a brief rest, we visited the Biarritz aquarium where we saw them feed the seals (they were quite talkative, too!) The students seemed fascinated with the many different kinds of varieties of fish that were on display.

Seeing as they had already seen the beach in the previous days, it was now time to get them in the water! So on Tuesday, after class, a large majority of the students participated and had a great time surfing—and for their first time trying to surf, they did a great job!

Even at the beach we can have bad weather days, so unfortunately we had  to reschedule our hike in the mountains on Wednesday for another day next week. There is so much to do in such little time, but everyone seems to be having fun and making the most of it!

Students were so excited to go rafting down one of the three rivers found in the Pyrenees mountains! The river was so nice and the water welcoming. We nervously approached our first few rapids, but then handled the rest like pros!

On Friday, we visited the Villa Arnaga, home of the playwright Edmond Rostand,who wrote Cyrano de Bergerac. We learned about the history of the home and his writing. The students were impressed with the size and grandeur of both the home and its amazing gardens.

No rest for the weary, on Saturday, we ventured to San Sebastián in Spain, only 30 miles south of Biarritz. There students shopped, ate some delicious tapas (huge hit!) and enjoyed the lovely beach where many sail boats were also docked nearby.

On Sunday, students relaxed with their host families and managed to catch up on some much needed sleep.