Biarritz has been so good to us this week! Better weather for sure, but we also met new friends from Summer 2 and our Month 1 students are comfortable and continuing to soak up the French culture — we can’t believe 3 weeks have gone by!

This week, we welcomed our new friends with, what else, ice cream and a tour of beautiful Biarritz. The days that followed included surfing, hiking la Rhune, cooking and even a visit to Espagne (Spain!)!

As a group we are continuing to grow in our language and cultural competency participating in daily classes and activities. Soon we may be thinking in only French and no longer English! It is so great to see how these students enjoy French as a language and are constantly putting it to use not only in class and with directors but in town with locals as well.

See our week in photos below! And of course, stay tuned for next week!

Monday – Tour of Biarritz and Ice Cream!

Tuesday – Hitting the waves in our Surf Class


Wednesday – Hiking La Rhune

Thursday – Cooking up some delicious French cuisine in our cooking class



Our Month 1 students celebrated their program-mates birthday with Ice Cream


Summer 2 and Month 2 – Visited La Villa Arnaga

Saturday – Visiter l’Espagne!