Another week has come and gone and we cannot believe that there is only one week of French bliss left in our futures. This last week, we welcomed our Summer 3 group who inevitably have fallen in love with Biarritz just as our Month and 6-week students have.  The weather has been great and we have been able to truly enjoy all that Biarritz has to offer — French food, French people, beautiful beaches, cultural landmarks, scenic hikes, local activities.. the list goes on!

Below we have recapped a week of adventure and fun. Month and 6-week students continued their exploration of Biarritz and it’s surrounding areas, while SU3 students got well-acquainted with their surroundings. Either way, the entire group has meshed very well and impressed us with their level of engagement in all aspects of the program.

Enjoy las week at a glance with pictures to compliment!

Saturday –

SU3: Arrival and Paris tour


Month and 6-week: Excursion to Bordeaux!

Sunday – 

SU3: Travel to Biarritz from Paris and homestay meeting!


Month and 6-week:Rest day! Free time to explore beautiful Biarritz

Monday – 

SU3: First day of class and tour of our new home Biarritz!

3  5

Month and 6-week: Gorgeous day for a beach picnic!

Tuesday – 

SU3, Month and 6-week: Grote de Sare! Visiting the local Grotto. Photos not allowed but we snuck in a few before being inside (shhhhh)

6  7

Wednesday – 

SU3: Group excursion to Bayonne and tour of the Basque Museum

4  8

Month and 6-week: Musee de la Mer — Aquarium visit!

Thursday –

SU3, Month and 6-week: Rafting trip


Friday – 

SU3: Villa Arnaga tour

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Month and 6-week: Trip to Cite de l’Ocean

Saturday – 

SU3, Month and 6-week: To San Sebastian we go! More Basque culture!

Sunday – 

SU3, Month and 6-week: REST DAY! Let’s enjoy France!