This week, our new students hiked La Rhune, and although it started out pretty foggy at the top, the clouds cleared away and the sun began to shine as we made our way down the mountain. It was a gorgeous day and, thanks to Philippe, we learned about the geology of the mountains, as well as the different types of animals (both domestic and wild) and vegetation that inhabit the area.

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Our Month & 6-Week students enjoyed a long stroll from Anglet to the Phare in Biarritz along the beach, where they had time to stop and relax, eat some snacks, and watch a sand volleyball game. We also enjoyed more surfing and cooking lessons this week, as our students truly benefit from the unique and colorful culture that exists in Biarritz — beautiful Basque tradition mixed with modern flavor and flair!

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Time is flying by so quickly here, and we are keeping ourselves very busy enjoying this gorgeous landscape, the amazing weather, the rich culture, and the lively locals that surround us. C’est vachement une vie merveilleuse chez nous à Biarritz!