First and foremost, we have an amazing group of students this session! Every student is eager to learn about culture and to improve their French speaking skills.

We have been making the most of the last week to say the least! Working hard in our classes and putting our French to use while visiting grottos, learning to surf, touring Bayonne and museums all capped off with an incredible trip to San Sebastian. We are having an absolute blast!

Check out our recap of week 1 below! **Caution — you may experience jealousy when looking over our last week’s itinerary and pictures!**

Day 1 – First day of class and a tour of Biarritz — our new home!

biaclass  biaday1


Day 2 – Getting settled into our new routine! Class, group activity (SURFING) and time with our homestays and friends!

biasurf2  biasurf

Day 3 – Beginning to see improvements in our French and using it on our excursion to Bayonne and Musee Basque

biabayonne2   biabayonne

biamuseebasque2   biamuseebasque

Day 4  – Getting comfortable in Biarritz, using our French and visiting the Grote de Sare


Day 5 – Completed our first week of class and visited Villa Arnaga

biavilla  biavilla2

Day 6 – It’s the weekend! Excursion to beautiful San Sebastian! We explored, we ate pintxos and had a fabulous time!



Day 7 – Well deserved rest day. Time to get ready for week 2!!!!!

In the Lineup:

La Rhune Pyrenees

Optional Cooking Lesson

Excursion to St. Jean de Luz

Optional Activity: Accrobranche

Farewell to Summer 1 group

Month students on to Bordeaux!