Week 2 has thrown us for a few loops but the group has pulled out stronger than ever. We have battled the storm (literally) and finished out a great week. Students are using their French more readily in their everyday interactions which has been wonderful to watch. To be honest, from day one, we knew this group came to Biarritz to fully embrace this experience and work diligently on their French. They have proven our first judgements right.

Monday — Rain Rain Go AWAY!

Due to a torrential storm, we had to cancel our hike of La Rhune Pyrenees. Students attended classes and were able to enjoy Biarritz in the afternoon with friends and homestays as our group activity was cancelled 🙁

Tuesday — Cooking Class! Is there anything better than French cooking? Now, our students can bring back their new found culinary skills and cook & eat French food at home!

Wednesday — Classes continued and so did our love of the French culture. Students explored the town and enjoyed a beach day with friends.

Thursday — Adventure! The group hit the river with paddles, guides and blood pumping! We river rafted and built great group moral and excellent team skills

raft2 raft1

Friday — Au Revoir Summer 1! Farewell Party for our Summer 1 Group. We loved getting to know you!

farewell  farewell2

Saturday — Summer 1 students headed back to Paris while our Month students moved on to beautiful Bordeaux


Sunday — REST! We took time to recharge ourselves and got ready for another full week. Also, we invited our new group Summer 2 and Month 2 to their new home in Biarritz

eiffel  IMG_4247