Saturday – July 14th

We welcomed the new Summer 3 students into our fold and they couldn’t have come at a better time as that very evening they were able to celebrate Bastille Day with us as we viewed an amazing fireworks display right on the beach!

Sunday – July 15th

All of Biarritz and the entire country of France rejoiced in the World Cup victory! Two very memorable events right out of the gate!

Monday – July 16th 

After an exciting weekend, we settled back into classes and Summer 3 students took placement exams so they could be placed in the appropriate language class level. After class, we visited Musee de la Mer / The Aquarium of Biarritz. There are various tanks of marine life from the Bay of Biscay, info on fishing, cetaceans and the history of whaling. There are even tanks that show North Atlantic exhibits, Caribbean life and the Indo-Pacific tank where we watched lots of sharks (always a favorite).

Tuesday – July 17th

Tuesday was GORGEOUS! With the weather being so perfect many students signed up for the optional activity of SURFING!

Wednesday – July 18th

We visited Bayonne, a beautiful town which was once one of the major port towns in France. Summer 3 students visited the Musée Bayonne where they learned about its history while Summer 2/Month students enjoyed their free time to shop and further explore the town.

Thursday – July 19th 

Our optional activity today was the rafting expedition! It was the first time for our Summer 3 students to sign up and many opted in and enjoyed this group excursion!

Friday – July 20th

After class (summer three completing their first full week of language classes!), the group visited Villa Arnaga, home of the author of Cyrano de Bergerac. We walked through the home and gardens which are very typical Basque architecture and landscape.

Saturday – July 21st

Our Saturday excursion was great fun as all students went to San Sebastián and enjoyed the town and its wonderful tapas and shopping opportunities!