Whoa. We have packed a lot of activity and fun into our first week!

Our students are first and foremost an amazing group of kids. All are ready for adventure but also willing to work hard in class and on our volunteer project. Each and every person is taking advantage of this experience to the fullest. This week we have experienced true Costa Rican culture — from the food to the outdoor activites to time at home with our homestays. We are now fully settled and living like locals.

Below is a recap of the week’s events each being so different but smiling faces all along the way.

Day 1: Orientation and meeting our homestays

cr group cr homestays 2 cr homestays

Day 2: We started our language classes and participated in a Latin cooking class — then ate everything we made!

cr cook  cr cook2  cr cook 3

Day 3: The group began our volunteer project and continued classes in the afternoon

cr volunteer1

Day 4: We took a tour of El Trapiche Plantation! Learned about coffee making, sugar cane and the art of running a Costa Rican Plantation. We then, of course, happily devoured another Costa Rican meal

cr group 2  cr coffee 1  cr coffee 2  cr el trapiche  cr food 2

Day 5: Making headway on our service project! Learning about maintenance of farm animals and repairing the structure housing them

cr volunteer2  cr volunteer3  cr volunteer4

Day 6: Canopy Tour! We got really high  up in the cloud rainforest on our canopy tour. We finished the day by completing our first week of classes!

cr canopy

Day 7: Full day excursion to Isla Tortuga

cr isla tortuga  cr isla tortuga2  cr isla tortuga3

Day 8: Much needed rest day. Most of us spent time with our homestays and friends and just enjoyed the beauty of Monteverde.

Much is still to come in week 2! Stay tuned!