Summer 2 is off to a great start and soaking up all the sun in Playa Flamingo.
Saturday after picking up our second group of kids, we spent the night in Liberia and had a great first group dinner.
Sunday We drove off to Flamingo on Sunday to take the CPI language placement test. We had lunch at a local beachside restaurant and then headed to the beach. We are all enjoying the sun and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. We met our homestay families Sunday night and had dinner with them to get to know each other.
Monday was a relaxing beach morning where we visited Playa Flamingo. Kids had fun soaking up the sun playing cards and jumping in the waves. We started classes Monday afternoon at CPI. Students are really focused on conversation and using Spanish whenever they can.
Tuesday we started our Flamingo volunteer project. We are working with an organization called Siempre Amigos that goes out into impoverished rural communities and provides help to them. Our group alone on Tuesday was able to mix enough cement to pour a floor for one family’s kitchen. The kids worked really hard and are making a big impact on someone’s life. We ate a big lunch to replenish our tired bodies and went back to Spanish class. We walked to Playa Flamingo after classes to watch a beautiful sunset. We are all so lucky to be here.
Wednesday we visited Playa Conchal. It’s a beach competent covered in shells. The students had fun soaking in the sun and snorkeling a bit. We went back to school for dance class where the kids had a blast! We learned merengue, bachata, and salsa. With a great attitude and a lot of laughter, everyone enjoyed themselves. After Spanish classes we headed to an ice cream shop to celebrate 4th of July!

Thursday we went back to the same area to volunteer with Siempre Amigos. We finished pouring the concrete for their outdoor kitchen floor. The family’s only income is making tortillas and they were about to be shut down by health codes because they didn’t have a proper floor. Now they will be able to continue their business and provide for their family. We also started prepping the outside walls of the house to be painted.

Friday we went to Playa Tamarindo. Over half of the students took surf classes and learned how to shred some waves Costa Rican style. The rest of the group played some pick up volleyball games on the beach and soaked up the sun. Everyone had a ton of fun learning something new and hanging out with new friends.

Saturday we went to Rincon de la Vieja where we had a full day of activities. We started with a canopy zip line tour that included two Tarzan swings and a rock wall to climb. Then we did some horseback riding through the nature preserve. The fun doesn’t stop there! We then went tubing down the Rio Colorado. It was so much fun and really intense! We ate a huge buffet lunch where we replenished our fuels for the second half of the afternoon. We then went to the thermal baths and painted ourselves with volcanic mud. Some of the baths reached natural temperatures of 100 degrees! It was a very nice and relaxing activity to end our day trip.

Sunday we went to Guatil where we saw how Willy and his family have been making pottery for over 800 years! The kids thought it was a very calming experience and really neat to watch. We then went to the town of Santa Cruz to do a little scavenger hunt to get to know some Ticos. The kids had fun being creative with the clues and hanging out with their friends. We got back to our homestays in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day relaxing with our families and going to the beach.