Here’s our week 2 update from Costa Rica.:
Monday: we slept in a bit and watched The Incredibles in Spanish. The kids enjoyed watching one of their favorite movies in Spanish complete with popcorn, of course! They received new teachers at school to switch things up and get familiar with a different accent or manner of speaking. The students are working on various presentations that they will present on Friday.
Tuesday: we set up a kids camp in the main plaza of Santa Elena. We set up stations to do arts and crafts and play sports. We had various hermano-ticos show up and play with the students. It was a gorgeous sunny day and everyone had a great time enjoying the fresh air.

Wednesday: we enjoyed a free morning to explore town and sleep in a bit. After classes we had Latin dance class where we learned the basic steps of merengue, bachata, salsa, and cumbia. The students had a lot of fun and I’m sure they will bring some moves back home with them!We are also enjoying our last few days with our homestay families because we know even though we may not miss the rice and beans, these families will be in our hearts forever.


Thursday: we went back to Life Monteverde for our last volunteer project. We planted trees, packed bags of compost and made trenches for the coffee plants. All of these efforts were part of their plan to help reforestation and protect endangered species who are loosing their habitat. The kids were excited to get dirty and see their efforts put towards a great cause. Don Guillermo invited everyone back to the farm in a few years to see how their trees have grown!


Friday: we ended the trip with the best excursion yet! We did a zip line canopy tour. We took a tram all the way up the mountain and flew down the seven cables of the course. It was pretty chilly at the top and a little weird to not see anything because we were in the clouds! Everyone had so much fun and loved the experience. This is one excursion unlike any other and is so special to experience in the cloud forest. We returned to school for classes and the kids presented their final presentations at the end of the day! It was incredible to see the improvement and creativity of the students! Some did skits to summarize our trip, or facts they learned about Costa Rica. Others performed original songs sung in Spanish! We had a mini graduation ceremony for our summer 1 students who will be leaving us tomorrow.


I think everyone has really enjoyed their experience in Costa Rica and had the best time possible! This has been a excellent opportunity for the students to broaden their horizons, appreciate culture, and practice Spanish. We are going to miss some of the new friends we made but we will always have Costa Rica. Remember chicos, “It’s not better, it’s not worse, it’s just different”