Here are some recent reflections on life and culture in San Sebastian, from our Month 1 & Month 2 groups!

“Las personas que viven aqui no tienen patios trasteros entonces viven en las plazas. Hay muchos niños y padres, y arboles, flores, hierba, monumentos, y mas gente por las noches.” –Kailey, Sophie & Alex

“Idiazabal is the winner of the premio de ordizia (the best cheese in ordizia), judged in a cheese competition. Delicious!” –Zander, Emily & Miles

“Birthdays are celebrated with a big family dinner. The kids go party after and the parents foot the bill.  There are NO PRESENTS! The birthday person eats the first bite of cake.  The birthday person invites people out for dinner and pays for it.” –Shree, Tyler & Eli

“In San Sebastian, it is not necessary to have a moto or coche because everything is so close.  Oihana lives close to her work and can bike everywhere.” –Zack, Maddie & Eric

“The grocery stores here are open longer into the night, they are very small, and the foods are less processed and more fresh! We learned new vocabulary: melocoton, salchicon, higo.” –Eve & Kate

“Idiazabal is a cheese made with sheep’s milk. It is traditionally eaten with nuts and membrillo. El prémio de ordizia is a prize won by this cheese every year.” –Harry, Chase & Nicollete

“The Basque country is a sort of mini-country by itself on the border region between France and Spain, so a lot of people speak Basque more easily than Spanish.” –Lily, Carson & Diana

“Los artículos y sus propios párafos son mas largas que los en los EEUU Pero los artículos que son mas serios tienen el mismo tipografia.  Tienen temas internacionales y sobre EEUU.” –Izzie, Sam & Annie

“What things have changed in the Basque country?  Hay mas eventos, tambien hay mas jovenes en las playas y la parte vieja. Hay mas turistas y mas tiendas para los turistas porque la ciudad es mas conocido que antes.” –Caroline & Maddie

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