One of the most fascinating aspects of participating in SPI Study Abroad Spain programs is getting the chance to experience the authentic festivales that take place. Festivals are an integral part of Spanish culture, and our students always enjoy getting a taste of the local flavor this way. Whether it’s in San Sebastián or Santander, festivals offer students a true glimpse into how their adopted Spanish community lives.

SPI Spain participants Ellie Cunningham and Drew Greene were lucky enough to attend La Fiesta de San Juan during their time in the Santander program. This particular festival takes place in June and remains one of the single largest festivals in all of Spain — town members gather to hold large bonfires and drink hot chocolate in honor of Saint John’s Eve. Ellie and Drew’s experience was unlike any other they’d had in Santander: as Drew states, “It was really cool to see the entire population of teenagers/college students all meet up in one place.” Being surrounded by your new friends, as well as the entire town, for an unforgettably authentic Spanish festival? Talk about the study abroad experience of a lifetime!

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