On Monday we went to Playa Danta another small beach near us. Some kids rented paddle boards and others just amused themselves jumping in the waves. This was one of the favorite beaches voted by the students because it’s wasn’t very crowded and there was a lot of shade. We went back to school in the afternoon for classes where they got new teachers. They switch the teachers up after one week to introduce the students to different teaching styles and techniques.

Tuesday we were eager to get to our volunteer site so we could start painting the house. We had to sand down all the wood and then we applied a varnish. The family has been so thankful for our help and we’ve loved getting to know them and all the relatives that live with them.

Wednesday we had a free morning where many of the students went and visited another beach Playa Penca. Others slept in a bit and ate ice cream for breakfast!

Thursday was our last day at the volunteer site. We painted two different houses in the neighborhood. The students loved the bright colors to liven up the neighborhood and make it look welcoming! The family surprised us at the end by showing us how they grind the corn and how to make the tortillas in their new outdoor kitchen. It was a nice treat and a sincere act of kindness that the kids will remember.

Friday we woke up early and headed to Tamarindo to take a snorkel cruise. We had tons of fun dancing and tanning on the boat. We stopped in a cove to allow everyone a chance to jump off the boat and snorkel in the water. It was a perfect activity for our last day together. At the end of the school day there was a small graduation ceremony for our students. We are so proud of their hard work and their efforts to learn more spanish and integrate themselves into the culture.

Saturday we are off to the airport for drop off. There will be many hugs and even a few tears. It’s such a special connection to make friends abroad. I know these friendships will last a lifetime. Pura Vida chicos!