High School French Immersion & Culture in France

France has long been considered one of the most elegant and exciting countries in Europe for study abroad programs. From the glitzy lights of Paris to the swanky beaches along the Cote D’Azur, France is a jaw-dropper when it comes to scenery, culture, and food! It is true that the French have a natural je ne sais quoi about them — they are proudly known to enjoy life to the fullest. SPI has selected Biarritz as an ideal program location for high school students to have an authentic French language immersion experience, with a focus on safety, authenticity, and livability at the forefront.

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The core elements to SPI’s high school study abroad programs in France include a meaningful homestay or student residence experience, intensive French language courses, global leadership and cultural enrichment, afternoon elective activities and inspiring travel excursions guided by our on-site team of directors. Our program’s unique elements focus on the practical acquisition of French by putting students in real world settings where they grow linguistically and culturally. Keeping safety, authenticity, and livability in mind, SPI Biarritz offers an amazing location for its high school study abroad programs in France.



Authentic Immersion

Ideal, authentic immersion locations. Our strategic location along France’s gorgeous southwestern coast is ideal for high school students.

Safe, Secure & Reliable

Safe, secure, and reliable. For decades, France has been one of Europe’s best immersive destinations.

College Readiness

Excellent college preparation. Rigorous French language academics combined with global leadership components.

Food, Fun & Friends

Make new friends, enjoy being culturally immersed with local food, and most of all have fun!
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Teen French Immersion in Biarritz, France

SPI has selected Biarritz as an ideal program location for high school students to immerse into the French language and culture in France.