Attention all study abroad fanatics and international education aficionados! If you haven’t heard yet, it’s officially International Education Week 2013, or #IEW2013. What does this mean, exactly? According to the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, this week is a chance to “celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide” (though hopefully you do this during other weeks, too!). As most of you know, the benefits of international education are plentiful, and only seem to be growing with time.

For instance, knowing another language has become essential in today’s global job marketplace. In fact, recently wrote, “In the last week alone, roughly 12,000 jobs posted on included the word ‘bilingual'”. That’s just in one week! There’s simply no denying that with the onset of globalization, being bilingual or proficient in a foreign language is one of the most marketable skills you can have. Here at SPI Study Abroad, we believe so firmly in this idea that we continue to put foreign language immersion at the forefront of our programs — because the truth is, there’s just no other way to really learn a language than by living and studying in a foreign country. This is why study abroad matters to us, and why it should matter to you, as well.

So, in honor of #IEW2013, do yourself a favor and consider the benefits that knowing a second language can bring. Take a Spanish class in high school, consider double majoring in French, and by all means: study abroad!

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