Study abroad – great adventure while getting academic credits! Combine travel with study abroad for the experience of a lifetime while you’re still in high school.

Are You a Candidate for High School Study Abroad?
Get started with thinking about study abroad by asking yourself why you want to go and where you want to go.

Why do you want to study abroad in high school?
Ask yourself a few questions:
· Do you want to learn a new language or perfect your language skills where the language is spoken?
· Do you like adventure– are you open to trying new things?
· Do other cultures interest you?
· Do you want to start seeing and experiencing the world now?

Learn about academic credit for study abroad programs:
· Work closely with your high school guidance counselor or language teacher while making your study abroad plans; it’s up to you to ensure that academic credits you earn while abroad on your program will transfer to your own high school or future college.
· If you’re determined to study abroad and can’t get high school credit for your work, your chosen college will still view your application more highly because of your learning experience. Having this experience before college will make you stand out from your peers. You most likely will also have the opportunity to earn some college credits once you are enrolled in your college.