For most of us lowly non-French citizens, Paris definitely has a certain allure — its aura of romance and pure magic have been attracting travelers from all over the globe for years. First-time visitors to the City of Lights are always awed by its splendor and sophistication (and of course, the overwhelming amount of crusty baguettes and delicious cheeses don’t hurt!).

For those lucky students participating in SPI Study Abroad in Biarritz, the dream of Paris becomes a reality. And as Ali, a 2013 Biarritz program participant, states: “[Paris] was everything I had ever dreamed and hoped it would be, maybe even better. Not many things I imagine turn out the same, but Paris is definitely the first place that has most matched my imagination’s expectations of it.” The sights and sounds of Paris remain unmatched by any other city — experiencing la vie parisienne is the chance of a lifetime.

On our Biarritz programs, students are able to explore the best parts of Paris — Le Jardin du Luxembourg, Notre Dame, and of course, La Tour Eiffel — all while becoming immersed in Parisian culture and getting their first taste of the French language. For these students, the chance to witness the beauty of the City of Lights remains one of the many highlights of the SPI France program. As Ali sums it up, “Paris is such a magical city. No matter where you are, there are dozens and dozens of beautiful sights to see that are so grand and overwhelming that it is nearly impossible to absorb all of its beauty at once.”

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