Tuesday, July 19th

Today’s optional activity was watching Ocho Apellidos Vascos, which is a highly entertaining Spanish comedy about a man from Sevilla, Andalucía in the south of Spain who meets (and tries to win the heart of) a Basque girl. The movie is full of local references and pokes fun at the stereotypes of the two very distinct autonomous communities of Spain. Most of the film takes place in the Basque country, so it was fun for students to see Donosti, Zumaia and other familiar sights that we’ve seen in our time here!

Wednesday, July 20th

This afternoon we took a public bus to to the nearby town of San Pedro. We walked through the cute little town and stopped to make observations, including pointing out a shell on the wall — the shell is the symbol of the Camino de Santiago and they are frequently seen along the path and trails. It helps guide pilgrims who are walking the Camino. We then made our way along the water to the Museo Albaola, which is known as The Sea Factory of the Basques. Not only does this museum have fascinating information about Basque maritime heritage and Basque whaling, but it’s also where the San Juan Whaleship is being built — you can watch the building process! After spending time in the museum, we walked back to the shell and started a little portion of the Camino de Santiago. We hiked part of the Camino del Norte from the seaside village of San Pedro back to San Sebastian. The 11 kilometer walk of beautiful coastal views, lush vegetation and ancient stone bridges took us about 2.5 hours. It had been a rainy day but we lucked out since it only misted and the cloud coverage kept the temperatures from it being too hot.

IMG_6696 (1)

Thursday, July 21st

Today’s optional activities included surfing, Zumba or free time on the beach!


Friday, July 22nd

This evening we wandered the streets of San Sebastian and took advantage of Jazzaldia 2016! We enjoyed the weather, music, ice cream and wished Erinne a very happy birthday.


Saturday, July 23rd

Today we explored Bilbao, which is the largest city in Pais Vasco. We spent time roaming the streets of the Casco Viejo and then went to the iconic Guggenheim Museum.


Sunday, July 24th

Today was the last free day (dia libre) to enjoy with homestays in San Sebastian!