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Program Sessions

Two Week – $2,995
Coming in 2019!


Age Requirements: In grades 9-12 Language Requirement: 1 year of Spanish
AP/IB Preparation
Upper level courses incorporate AP/IB course material, themes & exercises to prepare students for these exams.
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Awe-Inspiring Culture & History in Central Mexico…

Querétaro is an enchanting colonial Mexican city where old world charm and history meet modern innovation. The city was the third most important city during Mexico’s colonial era, when Spain governed the country and remains to be a growing cultural and economic center. In 1996, the historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and Querétaro has repeatedly been recognized as the cleanest and safest city in Mexico with the “best quality of life.” SPI students will enjoy being immersed in one of Mexico’s hidden gems.[/do]

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Academics & Leadership


School: Local Language Institute

Course Hours: 40 Hours (Summer 1 & 2) or 80 hours (Month)

Spanish Language & Conversation:  Students are broken up by levels, and attend Spanish language and conversation classes Monday – Friday in the mornings. The courses focus on developing Spanish communication skills by simulating real life situations through interactive class activities that include writing, oral expression, film, music, food, and literature.

> Spanish levels 1 through AP/IB
> 5-15 Students per Class
> Certified native instructors with advanced teaching degrees


Students engage in volunteer service work 2-3 days during the week. The volunteer service component is designed to immerse students in the local community as they make a positive contribution. Students will earn a certificate of completion of volunteer hours ranging from 12-24 hours.

Service Hours Two Week:  12 Hours   Month: 24 Hours

Mexico Volunteer Projects:

> Home Repair, Public Works Projects, Orphanages & Youth Outreach, Nature Park  Preservation


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Activities & Travel Excursions


In addition to SPI’s global leadership & cultural enrichment program, students will have the exciting opportunity to enhance their experience abroad by participating in optional elective courses and activities! Electives range from sports activities to unique cultural events, and are designed to further engage students in the local culture and, of course, just to have fun! Exact electives will vary per program and are based on student interest and weather. Upon arrival abroad, students will choose which electives they wish to participate in.

Querétero Elective Activities:

> Elective Courses:  Salsa Dance, Artisan Workshop, Exchanges with Locals, Mexican Cooking and Gastronomy
> Additional Potential Electives:  Gym, Mexican Art & Architecture, Hiking, Running,  Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming.
*Optional elective activities may have an additional cost


From visits to world class museums to magnificent hikes through enchanting historical sites, students explore the most important monuments, cities and natural wonders in the Querétero region. Weekend and cultural day travel excursions help students dynamically use the language of study and interact with the local community.

Querétaro Travel Sites

> Bernal
> San Juan del Rio
> Sierra Gorda
> Tequisquiapan
> Guanajuato
> San Miguel de Allenda



What Alumni Say…

“Santander was an amazing experience.  I loved how friendly everyone in the city was and I felt comfortable getting around (even at night.)”

Caleb, Texas

“Our directors pushed us out of our comfort zone constantly.  They were a source of constant encouragement and inspiration throughout the program.  To say my Spanish improved a lot would be an understatement.  I can confidently communicate with a fairly high level of fluency.  Thank you SPI!”

Grace, Connecticut

“SPI made me feel extremely comfortable, from start to finish, and I could not have asked for better homestay, new friends, or on-site directors. I absolutely loved everyone that I met on my trip and I wouldn’t trade my amazing experience in Santander for the world!”

John, Utah


Safety & Supervision


Directors and on-site staff are professional multilingual educators and caring leaders who serve as international “moms and dads”. We maintain a highly personal student to director ratio of typically one director for every eight students. Directors actively participate in all aspects of the immersion experience focusing on student well-being, cultural adjustments, and daily check ins to ensure active student participation.


To ensure student safety, on-site directors are available 24 hours a day and carry local cell phones at all times. Directors check-in with students on a daily basis in the mornings, afternoons and evenings and monitor all aspects of the program. At SPI, we believe in the educational value of giving students a structured amount of free-time on certain afternoons. Students are expected to abide by SPI’s standards of conduct at all times, and we implement a “buddy system.”

CURFEWS:  10 PM on Weekdays and 11 PM on Weekends

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8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast at Homestay & Travel with Roommate to Classes

Enjoy a light breakfast of breads, cereal, and juice/coffee. After breakfast, you will either walk or take a short bus ride to classes M-F.

9:30 – 1:30 Spanish Language, Culture, and Conversation Courses

Be amazed at how quickly your Spanish improves with SPI’s master instructors at the language institute in Querétaro! Classes are both engaging and fun.



2:00 – 4:00 Afternoon Comida and Siesta or Break

After classes, enjoy lunch with your homestay. In Mexico, the main mid-day meal is the heaviest, so bring your appetite!

4:30 – 7:00 Electives, Leadership & Cultural Enrichment Activities

From surfing to photography and exchanges with locals, there are afternoon activities for everyone! SPI’s program also incorporates a leadership and cultural enrichment component where students will interact with the local community. (There is structured free time on some afternoons after activities.)



7:00 – 8:00 Meeting with Directors and Evening Free-Time

In the early evening, you will have an informal group meeting to review tomorrow’s activities with directors.

8:30 – 10:30 Evening Meal & Conversations With Your Homestay

Enjoy the evening practicing your Spanish while talking with your homestay around the dinner table. You will have some free time after evening meals to meet up with other students for ice cream or an evening stroll.

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Querétaro 2 Week

Day 1  Depart for México!

¡Bienvenidos! Get to know the students in your group and meet your familia mexicana!

Day 2  Orientation Tour of Querétero

¡Bienvenidos! Historic cultural, art, and architecture tour of breath-taking central Querétero.

Day 3  First Day of Classes

Meet your Profesor/a and attend class after a language placement exam in the morning. Learn about the extensive ancient and colonial history of Querétero in the afternoon. 

Days 4-7 Regular Courses, Elective Activities + Volunteer Service Work

Make a difference with morning community service and elective activities, followed by afternoon language and conversation courses.  Your journey to fluency has begun!


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Day 8 Travel Excursion to Bernal

Explore the Pueblo Mágico of Bernal and its formidable rock mountain, la Peña de Bernal. The town is a stunning example of colonial Mexico. 

Day 9  Quality Time with Homestay & Friends 

Mexican Sundays are the perfect day to dar un paseo in the beautiful Parque Bicentenario, or meet up with friends for un helado

Days 10-13  Regular Courses, Elective Activities + Volunteer Service Work

Be amazed by the progress you’ve made in your language skills and ability to thrive in a new culture!

Days 14  Last Day of Classes & Farewell Activity

Soak up the splendor of this beautiful region and enjoy the final hours of your cultural journey in Mexico! 

Day 15 Depart México for Home

¡Buen viaje! Bid farewell to your beloved Mexican homestays and new friends. Return home with amazing memories that will last a lifetime!



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