SPI Program Overview

College Credit Language Immersion

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Interactive Language & Conversation Course

Language Immersion That Works!

Each SPI program has an interactive language course component taught by certified native speakers that hold advanced degrees in teaching foreign students. Students are broken up by skill level (beginner through AP/IB) and classes are held 3-4 hours per day. The language courses focus on developing communication skills by simulating real-life situations through interactive class activities that include writing, oral expression, film, music, food, and literature.

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Meaningful Homestay Experiences

Your Home Abroad

Everyday life takes a new form as students gain maturity, responsibility and respect as they navigate living in a new language and culture. In both our homestay and student residence accommodations, students will encounter situations, such as the pre-college experience of living with a roommate, that will expand their horizons and encourage them to grow.

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Education Through Exploration

SPI study abroad programs incorporate both classroom academics and travel exploration. From visits to world-class museums to magnificent hikes through lush mountains and tropical rain forests, SPI students explore the most important monuments, cities, and natural wonders each country has to offer. Weekend and cultural day excursions help students dynamically use the language of study and immerse themselves within the local community.

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Since 1996, Our Reputation for Safety Sets SPI Apart

Safety is always our number one priority when selecting program sites, homestays, excursions, activities, and on-site directors. Our programs are designed for mature high school students motivated to participate in an experiential learning experience abroad. All program sites are selected based on several factors: size, safety, low crime rates, location in the country, caliber of institutions abroad, quality of local homestays, and many others. As our priority is to ensure safety and guarantee personalized attention for each student, we maintain small group sizes with an average staff to student ratio of one to eight.

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