La Esperanza Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

Please complete the form below in it's entirety and submit all required documentation to be eligible. Incomplete scholarship applications will not be accepted. All partial scholarship applicants are required to first apply for a program and submit $1,000 deposit.
  • La Esperanza Scholarship Application
  • You may only apply for one scholarship. Students applying for the Flamingo, Costa Rica full scholarship must provide proof of financial need.
  • This should be your primary caregiver that is willing to serve as a reference for you and can confirm your participation if selected.
  • Upload Documents

  • IMPORTANT: Scholarship winners are selected greatly by the quality of their personal essays. Your personal essay should be 600-1000+ words and answer the following questions in any order: (1.) What is your motivation for wanting to go abroad, and how do you hope to influence other people to do the same? (2.) Why you have a financial need in order to participate? (3.) What do you hope to gain and achieve from participating in this program? (4.) Share with SPI your life story and your goals for the future.
  • Please have your current language teacher write a short letter of recommendation.
  • Please have your parents write a letter or statement explaining your need for financial aid, and why they feel you would benefit from this program. If English is not a first language, parents may write in their native language or you may assist them in English.
  • Select an appropriate photo for your application.