Wow San Sebastián, wow. We have had an amazing 4-weeks here in paradise. It is no wonder that this city is regarded as a foodie capital, having some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and as a destination that is not to be missed. We have explored, indulged in and enjoyed this town for 4-weeks but, as many students remarked, it wasn’t long enough. Spain can be sure that we will be back as this program opened our eyes to the unique and enviable culture that is Europe, that is Spain, that is Basque.

This last week we did not slow down for a moment. The group used every opportunity to enjoy San Sebastián like the locals we now are! Below is our list of activities from this last week. We hope you enjoy our final memories as much as we did.

Monday — Camino de Santiago hike!

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Tuesday —  Classes continue and so does our Spanish comprehension and speaking abilities!

Wednesday — Excursion to San Fermines — Running of the Bulls!!


Thursday — Option for surfing activity. Many of the students enjoyed their second to last day in San Sebastian.

Friday — Fiesta de Despedida with our favorite snack — Tortilla Espanola! We signed shirts and stories about our amazing month in Spain.

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Saturday — Goodbye to our homestays, school and San Sebastian. We departed for Madrid in preparation for flight departures on Sunday. Adios!

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