Week 2 is complete! We can’t believe how the time flies over here. We have had great weather and days full fun and adventure. We saw local museums and sites but also got to visit Pamplona for the famed Running of the Bulls!
San Sebastian is definitely feeling more like home and we are beyond impressed with the improvement of student Spanish skills both in conversations with directors and at school but ALSO their willingness in everyday interactions when ordering helado or cafe con leche. It has been great to work with a group so excited about and engaged in language immersion.
Below is a recap of our week. Stay tuned for week three next week!
Monday July 10 –  San Sebastian Acuario visit!
Tuesday July 11 – (optional) Museo San Telmo visit
 san telmo
Wednesday July 12 – morning excursion to Pamplona for San Fermines, watched the encierro from the Plaza de toros, ate churros/chocolate, walked the route of the encierro, saw where the bulls begin, tiempo libra/shopping time, returned to San Sebastian early afternoon – – time for siestas!
Thursday July 13 – surf lesson! Super challenging water conditions, but everyone gave it a try!
Friday July 14 – public bus to Pasajes San Pedro, Museo Albaola visit
Saturday July 15 – public bus to Getaria, a nearby fishing village on the coast of Pais Vasco, walked through 15th century gothic San Salvador church, saw statue of Juan Sebastian Elcano who completed the first circumnavigation of the world, walked along the coast to the next town over, Zarautz, which has the longest beach in Pais Vasco. Free time for lunch, beach, relaxing on a gorgeous day before taking the public bus back to San Sebastian.
Sunday July 16 – Day for rest!