Well, it has been an amazing 1st week! We have dived into classes, fully participated in excursions, met life-long friends and enjoyed every moment!

Our students have proven to be great learners and truly ready to immerse themselves in a whole new culture. From eating the food to understanding the architecture to speaking the language (of course) we are starting to look like a bunch of locals!

Day 1 in San Sebastian, we spent  meal time with our homestays, began our language classes in the morning, and had a full blown tour of the city while enjoying churros con chocolate in the afternoon.  Students began to recognize landmarks and neighborhoods (especially where the gorgeous beaches are!). We also began to get to know each other and become a cohesive group.

churros 2

our directors



The remainder of the week we continued our Spanish learning in the AM followed by group activities in the afternoons. We surfed, ate pintxos (tapas in San Sebastian), climbed Mt. Urgull and hit the amusement park at Monte Igueldo.



igueldo 2

We capped off the week with an excursion to Biarritz, France. Just over the Spanish-French border, this town gave us a look into yet another culture. While still deeply tied to the Basque culture, we could also see the French influence and the difference from our new home in San Sebastian.

bia 2