What a great week! We finished our program but we will not soon forget this experience. This group of students has been exceptional. Each has been very open to new experiences, new people, new food and overall new culture. This week we gained our bearings and were truly able to dive into the Basque culture and Spanish language. Students reveled in exploring San Sebastian on free time while planned activities included indulging in local culture and popular extra curriculars but also enjoying surrounding towns/places.

We finished the week with a farewell celebration at the Churrascuria

Monday — Pintxo tour en la Parte Vieja


Tuesday  — Visit to the Town of Zumaia


Wednesday  — We went to the movies… in Spanish! Wonder woman was  a great way to bridge popular culture and our current language learning

Thursday — The group visited the Island of Santa Clara — the island centered in our gorgeous view  from the beach. We also had surf class!

santa clara   1

Friday —  ¡Fiesta de despedida! We had our farewell party while enjoying  our favorite snack — churros y chocolate.


Saturday  — We said our goodbyes to our host families and departed for Madrid.

Sunday — Adios Summer 2! Enjoy the rest of the summer! We had a blast!