Wow, the week has FLOWN by! We have been having a blast!

Santander, as we know it, is an amazing place to study Spanish but, it is also one heck of a location to immerse ourselves in the Spanish culture.

Week one has been busy. We have engaged in classes and therefore developed our Spanish skills —  which the group is having to put to use every day. We have indulged in Spanish food and culture and fallen in love with our new home. While the activities and classes have kept us structured and busy, we have certainly made time for new, forever friends.

See below for a recap of our week!

Day 1 in Santander

Started classes and toured our new home — Santander! We were happy to devour some authentic churros y chocolate while soaking up all the information!

san tour   san tour 2    churros

Day 2 in Santander

Classes continued and our afternoon was filled with SURFING!!!!! We took surfing lessons and learned how to pop up and ride the waves!


surf 2

Day 3 in Santander

After class and some free time, we hiked ‘El Faro & Cabo Mayo’

cabo mayor 2

cabo mayor

Day 4 in Santander

We are really getting used to our new Spanish routine! Classes and language workshops in the morning followed by a fun group activity. Today, we learned the art of flamenco!


flamenco 2

Day 5 in Santander

We are ready for the weekend! We have completed our first full week of classes and are off to visit the Museo Maritimo


Day 6 — Picos de Europa and Potes

Saturday is our group excursion day. We get out of Santander and explore a new place. Fortunately for us, we got to hike in the Picos de Europa and visit beautiful Potes.

picos2         picos      potes

Day 7 in Santander

Our day for rest.  Students had the opportunity to spend time with their homestays and explore the town with their new friends! A little rest will do us some good before heading back into a fun-filled, jam-packed week!