SPI Santander enjoyed a great weekend and start to the week!

On Saturday, we took a trip up to the Picos de Europa (the first sight of Europe from ships arriving from the Americas).  Although it was rainy and cold and we couldn’t take the cable car, the mountainous views were breathtaking.  After exploring the mountain ranges a bit, we headed to Potes. Potes is a medieval town, founded in 1351. We had lunch next to the Torre del Infantado (the town’s famous lookout tower), and the group later took in views of other Gothic churches as they strolled along the River Deva.

IMG_3725 (1)


Sunday was a free day for everyone. Many students went surfing on their own.  The weather was sunny and not too hot, so it was a perfect day to surf, go to the beach, stroll around town in search of an ice cream treat, or pick up some local souvenirs from one of the city’s many unique shops.

On Monday, after classes, we headed to Santander’s maritime culture museum. We enjoyed a guided tour (in Spanish) to learn about the fishing culture in the port city, as our guide also explained all of the fish and sea mammals that affect the local area. We finished out the tour by checking out the site’s aquarium and terrace.  Learning about the local seafaring culture and how important fishing and a fisherman’s life are to Santander’s economy was awesome and quite interesting for the group!