We CANNOT believe we are mid-way through our final week here in beautiful Santander! It is crazy to think how quickly the summer has flown by.

Below is a recap of what we’ve been up to the last week, enjoying every moment of course! :

Wednesday, July 4th: A rainy, rainy day today in Santander! Summer 2 students toured the Museo Maritimo and Month students toured the Museo de Prehistoria y Arqueologia de Cantabria.

Thursday, July 5th: The ever-changing weather continued today. It rained off and on until late afternoon and we finally got to enjoy being out without getting rained on! The temperatures cooled off and it ended up being a great afternoon for una tarde libre! Students got to enjoy some free time either at the beach of their choice, shopping and taking advantage of those “rebajas,” or having ice cream at Regma with friends.
Friday, July 6th: Centro Botin; Today we met at Centro Botin and spent about 30-45 minutes on each of the two floors. The first floor has lots of modern/contemporary art, and students were intrigued and entertained by all the different interpretations of art! The second floor was filled with lots of pieces by Joan Miro which were all quite interesting. After our time at Botin, students were free for the afternoon. Many went straight for the shops to once again take advantage of all the “rebajas!”
Saturday, July 7th:
   Summer 2: Excursion day! Today, Summer 2 students loaded up on a private bus and headed for the mountains. After surviving the trip on the winding, narrow road, we made it to our first stop in the town of Potes. Potes is a lovely little town surrounded by the Picos de europa mountains. It has a lovely cathedral, tower (with great view from the top), a river that runs through the town, pretty bridges and lots of cafes and shops. Students had free time in Potes to explore the town, eat lunch, and relax. After that, we continued a little further down the road to Fuente De which is where the teleferico is that takes up to the top of the mountains. Although there were clear views at the bottom, we were up in the clouds at the top. Students had free time to explore the hiking paths and trains before we met at the cafe at the top, had a bite to eat, and then rode the teleferico back down. We met our bus at the bottom and then headed back for Santander. We arrived around 7pm, and students had free time Saturday evening to have dinner with friends and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Santander.
   Mes: Laredo – today month students went by public bus to a town on the coast called Laredo. There, they visited the city center, saw the cathedral and then had free time to explore the casco viejo (old part of town) on their own, eat lunch, and go to the beach on their own.
Sunday, July 8th: Dia libre! It was a sunny Sunday in Santander. Some students went to church (on their own), some toured the Palacio de la Magdalena, some went to the beach, and many slept in and enjoyed not having to be anywhere today! A restful, day off was much deserved and needed by all as we gear up for our last week.
Monday, July 9th: Intercambio – language exchange with 8 local Spanish teenagers. We met at a restaurant called 100 Montaditos, had snacks, drinks, montaditos (small, snack-size sandwiches), and divided up into groups of 4-5. Students casually chatted and talked for about an hour. Our hope is that students took advantage of a great opportunity to practice their conversational Spanish skills.
Tuesday, July 10th: Another sunny day in Santander! Today, students had the option of going kayaking and/or Stand-up paddle boarding! Students could rent a kayak or paddle board from a place called SUP Santander which is very close to Escuela Nautica, where our Spanish classes are held. Other students enjoyed free time in Santander or went to the beach as today was a great beach day!
Only a few more days of Spanish classes and activities in Santander!  We’ll have the recap of the last few days soon!