Sunday: Our Summer 2 group traveled from Madrid to Santander! We made a pit stop in Segovia to tour the famed Alcazar and the Aqueducto, and finished the trip up north in Santander where we met our new homestay families that evening.
Monday: Month students led a tour of the city so that the Summer 2 group could begin to orient themselves with Santander. The mixed groups did a “picture scavenger hunt” with famous places in the city to prove that they traveled to each one.  The tour concluded at a “churros con chocolate” cafe so that everyone could have a snack! We also celebrated the 4th of July by munching on some red, white, and blue sweets (each student got a personalized bag) to celebrate the day “American-style” in the heart of Santander.
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Tuesday: Half of the group went sailing in the bay (with the official Spanish sailing team federation) while the other half went surfing in Somo (a nearby village that is known for their surfing). Both groups had a great time! The two tours had professional guides and everyone did a great job learning how to participate in these awesome water sports.
Wednesday: Month students headed to the cinema to see the new “Angry Birds” movie in Spanish and to explore the local mall and do some quick shopping. Summer 2 students explored the nautical seafaring museum on the water to learn about fishing, sea mammals, and all the other sea dwellers that inhabit the Cantabrian sea. They especially loved checking out the sharks in the aquarium!
Thursday: Half of the group chose to explore the city and beaches on their own with some chosen free time. The other half of the group opted to do more water sports-related activities — these included stand up paddle-boarding and getting some exercise near the beach!
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