Week 2 was busy but filled with fun and adventure! We pushed our own personal limits on the ropes course, saw caves and museums, went sailing and said goodbyes to our friends from Summer 1.

The group’s language skills continually grew and we watched as they utilized their familiarity with Spanish and Santander to buy regalos (gifts), order comida (food) at restaurants and even in simple conversations with friends. We were all reminded of the importance of immersion as students increased their fluency so readily.

At the end of the week, we sadly had to say farewell to our new but quick friends from Summer 1 who were headed to Madrid Saturday for departures Sunday. But before we shed any tears, we celebrated at our fiesta de despedida (farewell party)

A week’s recap is below. Enjoy the memories!

Monday, 6/26 – ROPES COURSE — working together to conquer the ropes course was great team building for our group!


ropescourse2 Ropescourse

Tuesday, 6/27 – INTERCAMBIO WITH LOCALS — After class our activity included meeting and asking questions to locals furthering our Spanish practice and stepping out of our shells!


Wednesday, 6/28 – EL SOPLAO CAVE — Visited the GORGEOUS caves near Santander


Thursday, 6/29 – Today it rained… SO, we enjoyed going to the movies…. in Spanish!


Friday, 6/30 – FIESTA DE DESPEDIDA — Farewell and Safe Travels Summer 1!


Saturday, 7/1 – EXCURSION TO BILBAO — Month Students continued on their excursion to Bilbao for the day


Sunday, 7/2 – REST DAY AND THE ARRIVAL OF SUMMER 2 — Much needed free day and our Summer 2 kiddos have arrived!