Students are learning so many new things in their Italian classes: how to introduce oneself at a party, how to describe your personality, and how to talk about your home country were all topics covered this week!

Wednesday: We traveled to San Gimignano! Enzo spoke at length about San Gimignano & taught us so much — it is the most well-preserved medieval town in Italy. The group walked around town taking pictures, looking around in stores well-known for their fine Tuscan leather, and sampling local delicacies such as tartufo mushrooms, prochetta and dried ham. Students ate gelato at a gelateria that is recognized to be “world famous” for its delicious ice cream, and then ended the trip by watching a live performance by a local band practicing for an evening show. In fact, we were lucky enough to watch the band play from the steps of the Piazza del Duomo!

San Gimignano (8)

Friday marked our visit to Palazzo Civico in Piazza del Campo! Students learned about the 9 magistrates that ruled over Siena during the late middle ages. Inside the palazzo, Enzo shared the history of the 3 major rooms of the Risorgimento (Italian revolution, in the 1800’s) and 2 other rooms painted with detailed affresci — these detailed a peaceful, civil Siena ruled by just magistrates juxtaposed next to a war-ravaged Siena, if the magistrates did not rule justly. After the tour, students climbed la Torre of the Palazzo Civico, where we could see the whole panorama of the city from 122 meters above.

Palazzo Civico (7)

Palazzo Civico (8)