Hola everyone! Check out what our Santander students have been up to this week: on Monday, the group had a great time touring downtown Santander with their local tour guide and teacher, Lucia.  They saw the Cathedral, the post office, the tourism center, the cultural center, and many other important landmarks in the city.  We ended by getting churros con chocolate and other treats at “Valor” — a famous dessert spot on the main strip in Santander.
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Tuesday: We went to the nearby town of Somo for surf lessons and to soak in the sun at the beach there. Students enjoyed the picturesque views as they put on their wetsuits to gear up for some fun and guided surf time with their instructors! It’s important when you come to Santander to learn about the local surfing culture in this port city.
Wednesday: We hiked up to the lighthouse along one of the biggest beaches in the city, taking the famous “matalenyas” beach route toward the end of the islet as students worked on their scavenger hunt. After completing our fun activity, we hiked back and rewarded ourselves with some “Regma” ice cream — a local favorite and treat.  After a hard day’s walk, we all deserved it!
Thursday: Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate today.  It was rainy/overcast/dreary all day.  But, students wanted some free time on their own to explore the city — so, after class, they got together and did some free time activities.  Some of those activities included: shopping, going out to eat, going to a movie, and checking out some museums/cultural spots.
Friday: The group headed to Penya Castillo, an important mall on the outskirts of the city.  We did “intercambios” with locals and everyone loved it.  Students got to practice their Spanish by making friends with some of the people who were there shopping; then, after their interviews, they presented their new friends to their teachers.  The group finished off their Spanish mall experience by doing some shopping and getting a feel for some Spanish stores, and then had a quick snack before we returned to the city center. Afterward, we made our way back to the city hall and many of the students went out for an exciting Friday night dinner in groups.
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