This week’s SPI Study Abroad program spotlight is on Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica!

Why it’s awesome: Flamingo Beach is really well-known for its abundance of beauty: the beaches are a white sand paradise, the water is a pure aqua blue, the vegetation is lovely and green…you get the picture. Even in a country as beautiful as Costa Rica, Flamingo Beach is a standout gem. In addition, there’s a certain small-town, authentic feel to the Flamingo region — which means you’ll undoubtedly feel like less of a tourist and more of an actual inhabitant.

What you’ll do during your experience: Other than becoming immersed in the Spanish language, group cultural excursions include everything from exploring the Rincon de la Vieja National Park to swimming at the famed Tamarindo Beach. Our students also have the option of engaging in a number of  fun outdoor activities, such as kayaking, zip-lining, snorkeling, and hiking. Finally, the Flamingo Beach program offers students the unique opportunity to give back to the local community through various community service initiatives — in the past, our students have worked at orphanages, done youth outreach, and participated in nature preservation projects.

What you’ll gain from the program: Higher fluency in Spanish, legit community service hours, amazing new friendships, college credit, and the most enviable collection of Instagram photos ever.