Friday, July 22:

The group enjoyed a rainy hike up Urgull! We saw views from both lookout points before reaching the top, which looks out over La Concha and Zurriola. We then spent some time taking pictures and exploring the local museum for those who wanted.

Saturday, July 23:
Weekend in France! It was a perfect day weather-wise, overcast but not cold. San Juan de Luz was fun, though most students really enjoyed Biarritz because several of them got to cliff jump into the ocean!
IMG_7811 (2)
Monday, July 25:
It was a festival day in Spain, so many people had the day off. We went up Monte Igueldo and enjoyed the amusement park with all the families who had the day off. Everyone tried out the Swiss Mountain roller coaster!
Tuesday, July 26:
Today was a surfing and beach day. The weather was perfect — sunny but not too hot, and the waves were excellent. Everybody (even those who didn’t sign up for the surfing class) went to the beach to enjoy the day.
Wednesday, July 27:
We finally went to Zumaia! We hiked along the rock cliff and talked about its geological significance, though the students seemed more impressed with Game of Thrones being filmed there than the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. Later we went to the beach where we broke off and either went in the water, went to the caves, or went hiking along the rocks off the coast!