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Since 1996, world language teachers and college counselors alike have inspired their students with SPI’s authentic language immersion, leadership, and volunteer service experiences abroad. Our program model was created by educators for educators with 100% linguistic and cultural immersion at the forefront. Transform your students’ lives outside the classroom this summer with IMMERSION!

Making the World Your Classroom Since 1996!

SPI High School Study Abroad: "Why SPI Exists", Rose Potter, A Teacher's Perspective

Master teacher and SPI Co-Founder, Rose Potter, on why language immersion study abroad for college credit outside the classroom is essential for building young global leaders.

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SPI High School Study Abroad Student Paris France

SPI regular summer programs are a great way to truly immerse your students into the language & culture, without the big group tour feel. Teachers travel free with just 6+ students! With SPI organizing and facilitating transportation, activities, and excursions, you’re free to focus your attention on your students. 

Travel Free with Your Students
With 6+ students traveling, we make it easy to promote and travel on any of our established regular programs to our inspiring destinations. Teachers even receive travel stipends with just 8+ students! SPI does all the back-end work – from collecting money and applications to pre-departure advising and flight assistance.
Can't Recruit 6+ Students?
No problem! If recruiting 6+ students becomes a challenge, we offer educators a deeply discounted rate so you can still travel abroad with just 1-3 students! We are with you every step of the recruitment process and have tons of tools to make it easy – even if your school discourages travel.
What SPI Provides Teacher Travelers

> Recruit 6+ students for SPI’s summer programs= FREE IMMERSION TRAVEL
> Travel Stipend (with 8+ students): $500 Two-Week Programs, $1000 Month Programs
> Round-trip Airfare
> Room & Board with a Homestay (Shared Apartments available for a nominal additional cost)
> Basic Medical & Travel insurance (ISIC Card)
> Student & Teacher Pre-Departure & Orientation
> Designated Program Flights
> Online Enrollment System & Payments
> Detailed Pre-Departure & Leadership Preparation

>Not Included: Personal expenses, local personal transportation (taxis, local bus), some optional afternoon electives, some meals on overnight excursions (Average of 3-4 per program).



We hire qualified and passionate bilingual educators to work as directors for our language immersion programs. All director serve as mentors, caregivers, motivators, and model language immersion students while working together with the local partner school and the SPI home office.

Dynamic Multilingual Teams Abroad

Each SPI program consists of 1 Lead Director, 1-2 other directors, and typically 1-2 Teacher Travelers. Lead Directors manage the budget and serve as the primary liaison to the local partner school. Other directors help to organize and supervise afternoon activities, morning check-ins, weekend excursions, and blog/social media updates. All staff members work carefully with SPI during the planning year to help build the program from recruitment through program operations.

General Qualifications for On-Site Directors
> Genuine love and passion for working with teenagers of diverse backgrounds, language levels, and personality types

> Strong command of English as well as Spanish, French, Italian, or Mandarin

> Previous experience working with high school student groups (preferably on study abroad international programs)

> A high level of maturity, patience, energy, reliability, dedication, and interpersonal skills

> Ability to pass a thorough background check

Applying for SPI's Summer Positions
STEP 1: Complete the Summer Staff Application or email any questions about the positions to info@spiabroad.com

STEP 2: SPI’s senior leadership team will review your application and will email you to schedule a phone or Skype interview.

STEP 3: We ask that all potential staff be involved in our student recruitment process. This process starts in August and lasts through April. Applicants who recruit are more likely to be selected.

We confirm Lead Director positions in DECEMBER & all other staff positions in APRIL.

Student Can Enroll Independently!

SPI programs are primarily comprised of academically minded students who enroll independently with us. You do not need to travel to encourage language immersion! As a leader in high school immersion, feel confident recommending SPI’s homestay immersion travel to your students. They will be cared for by our master on-site directors, and return with greater fluency and inter-cultural experiences to share. Make a world of difference!

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Philippe Lacoste

French 1-3 Instructor

I believe in study abroad and SPI summer programs. SPI is a fantastic organization and their attention to detail makes traveling with your students easy. With such good organization, you get to spend more time enjoying the places you visit, while teaching your students and spending less time worrying about travel logistics.


Manuela Baranda

Spanish AP/IB Instructor

I HIGHLY recommend SPI.  You, as a teacher, will grow so much from this experience. SPI created a well-organized and thought-out itinerary that just made sense to what the students needed. We actually had enough time to appreciate the culture and really be immersed, rather than running from city to city.


Derryl Lee

Spanish 3 Pre-AP Instructor

SPI programs provide the most enriching cultural experience I’ve ever found for high school students. Their programs are top rate. The SPI team provided support from start to finish. I watched my students grow not only in their language skills but also from teens into mature young adults.  If you use a different program – switch to SPI!


Use this helpful section to get answers to common questions asked by teachers!

Before You Go

Your Role Prior to Departure
After confirming the program with which you’ll be traveling, the first step is getting the word out! SPI makes it easy by supplying the materials to distribute to students and parents. The most effective way to promote your program is to communicate directly with families. Closer to departure you may also elect to host your own orientation meeting with your students and parents.
How Do the Flights Work?
Please visit our Flight Information Page. Families are free to use miles to book the flights and we have partnered with a student travel agency to assist with purchasing airfare. Students will book directly through the airline or with the support of the agency on the appropriate designated flights.
Do I Travel on The Same Flight As My Students?
You are not required to return home on the same flight and are free to travel after the program ends! SPI does not guarantee parents that you will be on the exact same flight as your students. Some students may elect to travel independently from the group and will be met upon arrival. Closed custom programs may not allow for independent student travel.
When is Airfare Confirmed?
SPI confirms teacher traveler participation & airfare in March/April, or when the group has reached minimum enrollments for you to travel.
Can My Spouse and/or Children Come Along?
While this is not advised, SPI is flexible and can often work with you to accommodate family members when necessary. As in all cases, the ability for directors to serve the needs of students is viewed as a priority.

Your Role Abroad

Your Role Abroad
Teacher travelers serve as mentors, caregivers, motivators, and model language immersion students! On-site directors and coordinators are there to run the program and deal any concerns, so you can guide students through immersion and enjoy the experience. Although on-site directors will resolve nearly all concerns, they may request that you intervene if the situation pertains to one of your students.
A Typical Day
Teacher travelers as well as program staff check in with students before class begins and/or at the midday break. When students are in class, you are free to explore, run errands or check email. During the afternoon, you’ll participate in planned afternoon activities and excursions.
Can I Travel After the Program?
Absolutely! Take advantage of the fact that you are already abroad. We ask that you please book only transportation or flights that depart at least several hours after your group’s suggested international flight departs. We strongly discourage traveling before the program begins.
Where Do Teachers Live?
Teachers stay in local homestays, just like students! All teacher travelers will have a single room; no other SPI students will be in the homestay with the director. Apartments or residence halls are available as well in most program destinations at an additional cost. Please talk with your Program Advisor about the housing options where you’ll be traveling!
Afternoon Elective Activities
Depending on the size of your group and program site, the language school in most cities will arrange afternoon elective activities 2 times per week. Teacher Travelers are able to participate in the elective activities with students.
You Have Lots of Free Time!
While students are in class and when no afternoon activities are planned…you are FREE TO EXPLORE!

Working With Your School

Working With Your School & Administration
While SPI understands that many teachers are accustomed to participating in school-sponsored trips and excursions, SPI programs are explicitly unaffiliated with any school or institution. For this reason we advise discretion with discussing your plans to lead an SPI program with administration, as often your intentions get interpreted as a “tour” or “trip” that is directly involving the school.
Parents Sign Contract With SPI Directly
We pride ourselves on providing teachers with the materials you need in order to educate parents and students on the importance of international education WITHOUT involving with the school. SPI’s contract with enrolled families clearly states that the program is not associated with any school or district. Although we do not encourage sharing your plans with your administrator due to possible misinterpretation of your involvement, having them on your side is a huge help! If your administrator does inquire about our programs, have them visit our website to learn more.
How Do I Respond To Parent/Student Questions?
You are not expected to be an expert on SPI! Feel free to direct parents and students to SPI’s website or our admissions team for answers to their questions. Sending an email to the parents is the easiest way to inform them about the opportunity. After some parents and students have expressed interest, it is a good idea to host a small meeting, as it’s an easy opportunity for parents to hear about the programs and why their children should study abroad.
Where Should I Host My Info Meeting?
If your classroom or school is not an option, nearby coffee shops, restaurants, public libraries, or even an interested student’s home are great places to meet. Another idea is to incorporate your meeting with your Language Club’s monthly meeting or during your Language Honor Society Meeting.
Information for Parents on SPI Study Abroad Programs for Teenagers