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Work Abroad this Summer

SPI hires highly qualified bilingual and dynamic educators to serve as summer staff for our language immersion programs. All staff members serve as mentors, caregivers, motivators, and model language immersion students while working together and with the local partner school to operate the entire program.


How To Apply

STEP 1: Complete the Summer On-Site Director Application or email any questions about the positions to [email protected]

STEP 2: SPI’s senior leadership team will review your application and will email you to schedule a phone or Skype interview. Please do not call SPI regarding the status of your application.

STEP 3: We ask that all potential staff be involved in our student recruitment process. This process starts in August and lasts through April. Applicants who recruit students are more likely to be selected.

We confirm Lead Director positions in DECEMBER & all other staff positions in APRIL

Join Our Dynamic, Multilingual Team Abroad!

Each SPI program consists of 1 Lead Director, 1-2 other Directors, and often 1-2 Teacher Travelers (who have referred SPI students.) Lead Directors manage the budget and serve as the primary liaison to the local partner school. Other directors help to organize and supervise afternoon activities, morning check-ins, weekend excursions, and blog/social media updates. All staff members work carefully with SPI during the planning year to help build the program from recruitment through program operations.

Mentoring & Inspiring Students with

Your Passion for Language

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SPI Program Team Abroad

1 Lead Director
1-3 Directors and Teacher Travelers

SPI directors commit to conducting the entire program in the language of study (English when necessary or for College Prep programs) and providing 24-hour support to students and Teacher Travelers. Summer staff members understand working with SPI is not just a summer vacation, but a serious job that is a lot of fun and very rewarding. Directors guide each program with safety, education, and personal growth at the forefront of their role.


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General Qualifications

SPI Directors are extraordinary, natural leaders with a passion for educating students using a hands-on, experiential approach. Strong interpersonal skills are essential, as is a deep interest in working with teenagers, teachers, and parents in an international setting. Most directors have a background in education with a strong understanding of what students need in an international study abroad program.

Required Qualifications for Directors:

> Essential: Genuine love and passion for working with teenagers (14-18 years old) of diverse backgrounds, language levels, and personality types.

> Language Fluency: Applicants should be able to hold a fluid conversation in complex situations in the program’s target language. Directors will handle program logistics, work with homestays, communicate with language school partners, and attend to student well-being/emergency situations in the target language. Strong command of English is required for international staff.

> Previous experience working with high school student groups and teenagers (preferably on study abroad or international programs).

> Possess a high level of maturity, patience, energy, reliability, dedication, interpersonal skills, and confidence to handle the complex situations that international travel warrants within a team environment.

> Ability to work well with other adults/teachers of different ages, origins, and personalities in a team environment. On-Duty hours are often long and require some late night and early morning hours “on-call.” 

> Understand that SPI Director housing will be primarily with local homestays in a single/private room. Apartment accommodations may be available for additional fees. 

> Have a strong desire in mentoring and fostering cultural and linguistic immersion by following SPI’s program methodology and policies as stated on our Director Training portal and in all Director print guidebooks.

> Pass a thorough background check and agree/sign SPI Director Contract.

Director Duties Abroad:

> Use the language of study throughout the entire program.
Work as a team with other directors, teachers, and partner school staff.
> Check in DAILY with students during morning classes & lead all afternoon activities.
> Be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
> Be responsible for all parent communication.
> Take photos & videos of your group throughout the program.
> Ensure resolution of any medical, emotional, and behavioral issues.
> Oversee and manage the program budget as instructed.
> Expect to effectively handle challenging situations.


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Schedule Abroad

> US Based Directors Arrival Abroad: 3 days prior to program start date.  Return: 1 day after program ends.

> On-Site Training Abroad: Full team orientation and preparation 1-3 days prior to program start date.

Sample Daily Schedule. Exact schedules vary per program. 

8:30 AM – 1 PM – Morning check-in at school, respond to any parent emails, update blog and social media, work with local partner school for any concerns, and staff meeting (not all days). Students have morning classes with a break. Prepare for afternoon activities/excursions and enjoy time exploring!

1 PM – 3 PM – After class meeting with students, lunch, potential elective activities/excursions (those that require leaving directly from school).

4 PM – 7 PM – Coordinate afternoon elective activities (T, Th) and language & cultural activities (M, W, F). Prepare back-up activity plans, work with other directors to facilitate all aspects of activities. Costa Rica – classes are held in the afternoons and activities and volunteer work in the mornings.

8 PM – 11 PM – Dinner, respond to parent emails, upload pictures, update social media.
Saturdays – All day travel excursion
Sunday – Optional activities/excursions or free day (on-call)


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Director Compensation & Travel Benefits

> SMALL GROUP COMPENSATION: <16 students participating, Directors will earn -$200 LESS per two-weeks.

Program CountryRegular Group Compensation
(Per 2 Weeks)
Large Group Compensation
(Per 2 Weeks >26 Students)
(Per 2 Weeks)
Lead Director Bonus
(Per 2 Weeks)










Payment Schedule for Directors

50% Salary Payment + Program Expenses: Transferred 1 – 7 days prior to program start date
50% Salary Balance: Transferred 1 – 5 days after program completion
*6 Week staff members will have their salary divided into 3 payments and receive an intermediary payment after the first month of work abroad.

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What Is Included for Directors

  • Transportation Flight/Train/Bus to and from the Program Arrival/Departure City (ie. Biarritz, Guilin, etc). Directors may travel before or after the program, but are responsible for any difference in transportation costs. We prefer you travel AFTER the program so you are well-rested prior.
  • For U.S. based directors, housing with a local homestay (with 2-3 meals daily) is included by SPI. If you elect to rent an apartment or stay hotel (not recommended), SPI will provide a comparable housing stipend equivalent to that of a homestay. Most directors already live in the program destination city therefore housing is not needed.
  • Directors will use their Personal Cell Phone during operations and receive a Cell Phone Stipend ($50-100/per two weeks depending on your cell phone provider and position, Lead Director vs. Regular Director).
  • Everything that’s included for students; Ground Transportation, Afternoon Activities/Excursions (except some optional elective activities like surfing), Excursion Entrance Fees.
  • Basic Medical & Travel Insurance for Directors traveling from the U.S. with ITIC Card (Local Staff Do Not Qualify.)
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What Is NOT Included for Directors

  • Personal Expenses (Souvenirs, shopping, etc.) Personal spending varies greatly, but plan for $200 weekly.
  • Extra Local Transportation Outside of Stipend (Getting to/from school, activities, excursions, etc.)
  • Optional Afternoon Elective Activities (2 per week – most of these will be included for at least one director, but are not guaranteed).
  • Flight Deviations or Difference in Fare for Traveling Before/After Program (SPI may not be able to accommodate your exact flight deviation request, but we make every effort to try!)
  • Additional Meals Outside Accommodations or Homestay