SPI 2016 Photo/Video and Blog Contest Winners!

By |Monday, Feb 6, 17|

Every year we ask students to document their summer immersion experience. Not because they will soon forget it (we are certain they won’t!), but because it is wonderful and inspiring way to look back [...]

La Chandeleur, a Celebration of Crêpes

By |Thursday, Feb 2, 17|

Ahhhhh crêpes… the fantastic meeting of a thin, silky pancake with rich, delicious filling. The word crêpe literally means ‘a light, thin fabric with a wrinkled surface’, which, as all crêpe lovers know, is [...]

5 Great Ways to Prepare for a Summer Abroad with SPI

By |Monday, Jan 16, 17|

The countdown to Summer 2017 has begun! Sure, snow is on the ground in a lot of places, and most are just focused on starting a new semester, but – truth is – June and July [...]

5 Concepts That Will Make You Rethink the English Language

By |Tuesday, Nov 15, 16|

Many foreign language speakers will tell you that English is one of the most difficult languages to master. Despite sharing some commonalities with European languages through its Latin and Greek roots, English is a [...]

5 Facts You May Not Know About Día de los Muertos

By |Tuesday, Nov 1, 16|

In towns across Mexico and Central America, people are celebrating Día de los Muertos or, in English, the Day of the Dead. It’s Mexico’s most popular national holiday and has become well-known in the United States [...]