This past weekend, we traveled to beautiful Florence! We enjoyed a walking tour of the centro storico (historical center) — starting out with Piazza del Duomo, which includes the Chiesa of Santa Maria del Fiore, La Torre and Brunelleschi’s architectural masterpiece, il Duomo. Next was seeing the Palazzo Vecchio, which houses the Florentine senate ruled by the Medici family. Afterwards, we walked past the Uffizzi Gallery towards Ponte Vecchio on the Arno river. Students then visited Accademia del Sole and marveled at Michelangelo’s masterpiece sculptures of Il prigioni and, of course, IL Davide. The group then enjoyed a mini-celebration in honor of Katie and Alexia’s birthdays, followed by a couple of hours of shopping in the leather district. It was a wonderful experience for all!

Bell Tower and Duomo_Florence (1)

Piazza del Duomo_Florence (3)

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